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Effluent Treatment Plant

The Company has its own Effluent Treatment Plant which treats the Effluent from the Tannery and after treatment the treated water is recycled in the process. Thus there is a zero emission of Effluent from the tannery. The tannery also has agriculture activities and grows fruits such as sweet limes, guava, coconuts, papayas and bananas. Wheat and Maize are also cultivated and all this farming activity is done using latest methods.

The Tannery during the year 2016 has planted 2,000 Trees of Senegalese African Mahogany. Several other varieties of Trees such as Eucalyptus and Neem are also grown on the land.

We are a Manufacturer Exporter of Finished Leather from Raw Sheepskins / Goatskins. The Finished Leather manufactured at our Tannery is suitable for various kind of Leather Goods, Shoes, Garment and Gloves. In September, 2015 all the Tanneries were asked by the Central Pollution Control Board to upgrade their Effluent Treatment Plant and to install 24X7 Online Monitoring System to be hosted onto the Central Pollution Control Board Website for their monitoring purpose. We took this opportunity and invested Rs.20 Million to install a New Modernized Effluent Treatment with the Online Monitoring System. The plant which is based on the MBBR Activated Sludge System along with a Reverse Osmosis plant has been in operation from the Month of May, 2016. Further various changes made in the process of manufacturing the Finished Leather by doing away with Hazardous Chemicals such as Basic Chromium Sulphate and producing Chrome Free organic Eco friendly easily biodegradable Finished Leather.

Hence Finished Leather produced is adhering to all the REACH guidelines for the industries. Further we have attained Zero Liquid Discharge at our Tannery where the RO reject is sprayed into a 45,000 square feet Poly House. In this poly house, with the help of natural heat, the liquid waste converts into salt which in turn is used for salting of raw skins. As the process is now not having Hazardous Chemicals used we do not generate any Hazardous Waste. We are also members of Maharashtra Enviro Power Ltd., Ranjangaon, Pune, Maharashtra, India where all our Chemical Dried Sludge is transported to the designated dumping site where the Dried Sludge is treated and then dumped in a secured land filling.

Further we have also installed Roof Top Solar Power Plant for the generation of Electricity to run the Tannery, hence reducing our Carbon Footprint.

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