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Welcome to Veera Tanneries Pvt. Ltd.

Our Company was founded in 1978 by Late Mr. Darab C. Pader and is now managed by Mr. Aspi D Pader & Shahpur A Pader along with an efficient team of professionals. It is the only Tannery at Aurangabad which went into production in the year 1981.

We manufacture and export Chrome free and organic Finished Leather from Raw Sheepskins / Goatskins. We are a Family run Gold rated LWG certified Tannery with our own Effluent Treatment Plant. Thus there is a zero-emission of Effluent from the tannery.

43 Years

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We are Manufacturers & Exporters of Organic and Chrome Free Finished Leather from Raw Sheepskins / Goatskins. The Finished Leather manufactured at our Tannery is suitable for various kind of Leather Goods, Shoes, Garment and Gloves.

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Our Tannery is LWG Gold Rated and upholds top quality standards. We are responsible towards our environment and our employees. We have our own Effluent Treatment Plant thus ensuring least possible environmental impact.

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We have the latest machinery for processes from start to finish to ensure best quality Leather.

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Testing Finished Leather

Our finished products go through rigorous testing and are delivered on time.

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We are well connected with major cities and towns all over India by sea, rail and air for easy shipments. We ship Internationally as well.

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Full Service

We offer a full service from a to z, top quality products with spot on deadlines. Do try us and you will not be sorry.


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Aspi D Pader

Chairman Managing Director

Shahpur A Pader

Executive Director

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